Car Lockout Tips To Pass The Time Until Rescue Arrives

Keeping Yourself Preoccupied Until Help Arrives

No one ever expects a lockout situation to occur, but it happens every couple of seconds. You might have forgotten your car keys at work or accidentally dropped them on the playground when you were with your kids. It’s always a wise suggestion to have the telephone number of a credible locksmith stored inside your phone. You can’t believe how thankful you’ll be when you’re stuck in an emergency lockout situation! OK, so you’ve dialled the number of a reputable locksmith, what to do before help arrives? Here is a quick checklist of things-to-do while you wait:

  • Stay Close to Your Vehicle – You should never wander away from your car. This is very important if you have younger children present. You must remain within close proximity to your vehicle so that the locksmith can spot you when they arrive. Always ask to see the ID of the locksmith to make sure they are not an imposter and the real deal.

  • Play a Game on Your Smartphone – Nothing beats a fun game of Angry Birds or Candy Crush while you wait for a technician to help get you back inside your vehicle. There are thousands of free games available for download on your iTunes or Google Play Stores. You can log onto a social network and chat with your friends as well. You can also let everyone know that you’re safe.

  • Listen to Music – You can play the radio station on your smartphone and enjoy some of your favourite tunes in the meantime. You can mellow out and listen to a few songs, which can also knock some time off the clock. Make sure the locksmith company arrives within a half hour. That’s the sign of a good reputable locksmith.

Why Choose Us?

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