Is the Cyberspace Locksmith Secure?

Cyber Keys – Not Only Virtual

Is the Cyberspace Locksmith Secure?

Sometimes, technology takes huge leaps that leave us flabbergasted. Reading the unlikely combination of words Cyberspace Locksmith can make you think of an unrealistic service, which duplicates keys online, from afar. In fact, this service that was once maybe fictional is nowadays as real as can get. No kidding.

The technological world has brought upon us many innovative services, which make our lives easier in almost any aspect. One of them is the cyber locksmith, which enables duplicating your keys without the hassle of physically arriving at any store. Sounds fictional? Well, not anymore.

How does it Work?

The smartphone technology that offers a photo capture feature in every second of our daily routine, is being used here to capture the cut and model of the key in a visual image, containing both sides of the key. The photo (which must be accurate) is then sent to the online locksmith shop, where expert locksmiths receive the raw data and cut the key according to the specifications derived from the sent image. After cutting and filing the new key, it is sent by mail to the requested address of the customer.

Did you ever think such a simple process can take place, without the need of physically being present at the shop? Neither did we, but technological progress never seizes to surprise us.

What about Security?

After understanding the process you might ask the question “how safe is it really to trust such a service?” or “can’t anyone send a picture of my key and use it for their own less than honest intentions?” well, like everything else in life, cyber locksmith also has its risks. However, one should take under advisement that as it is possible to wrongfully use such cyber service with unsavoury intentions, so it is possible to do so face to face at the shop.

Any Suggestions?

We can, of course, recommend you all to keep your keys secured in such a place and manner that won’t attract unwanted attention. Don’t leave your keys out in the open for someone to have an opportunity to snap a picture of them, or just as easily- grab them and take off. As any valuable possession, you should pay close attention to it. You can rest assured that the cyber locksmith does too.