Client Testimonials

As a realtor, I have thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of Cincinnati Locksmith. I faxed them the information they need, and a few days later a new pair of keys are waiting for me and all the locks in the house are changed. This service helps me sell houses that would otherwise be torn down, definitely a win-win situation.

Marcia Lamburg 5/18/10

My house has seven separate keys which I used to lose all the time. I was getting so sick of running around looking for them, that I decided to search for a solution on the internet. I read about Cincinnati Locksmith’s master key offer and decided to call. I have been a satisfied customer ever since – having only one key for any house door is quite the relief!

Laura Richardson 11/3/09

When I broke my car key, I thought I was going to have to pay a fortune to get another one. A friend told me to try calling a locksmith before going to the dealership, and he was so right. I ended up paying less than I would have at the dealership and didn’t have to tow my car or stand in line.

Brian Tate 4/28/10

Thank you Cincinnati Locksmith for answering my call quickly, sending a technician quickly, and getting me on my way quickly. You made the most inconvenient situation disappear almost effortlessly. I hope I won’t get locked out of my car again soon, but at least I’ll know who to call if I do.

Susan Marcus 6/13/10

Our bathroom doors have those old style locks, which I never thought would be a problem. One day, however, my daughter locked herself in, and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get the door open. I was about the break it down when my daughter suggested I call a locksmith. A certified locksmith arrived within half an hour and not only let my daughter out, but switched all the bathroom locks in the house as well.

Tom Myers 8/3/10